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Crafting Better Teams For Workplace Wellbeing

It’s time to approach workplaces differently. It’s time to prioritise workplace wellbeing and embrace what it means to be human at work to create thriving cultures.

Welcome to Revel – a place to redefine change, challenge the status quo and rethink culture.   

Revel embraces what it means to be human and delivers programmes to help organisations create thriving cultures that prioritise their people and promote wellbeing.  

Our science-based programmes focus on culture, connection and change to create teams and leaders who are resilient, confident and connected mindfully to themselves and each other for greater impact and performance. 

In this fast-paced world we live in, exploring the connection between performance and wellbeing is crucial in cultivating a culture that will lead to increased performance, personal satisfaction and positivity. 

Our Focus


Culture is the connective tissue that holds your organisation together. Put simply, it's what it means to be human and it goes deeper than words and your brand. It's force is stronger than any other factor - culture is what people live and breathe in your business.

Being aware of your culture and understanding its positive and hindering impact is the starting point towards a healthy workplace culture - one where your people are contributing fully, feeling good, engaged and building strong connections for greater levels of satisfaction and belonging.

Revel from within...when a healthy culture is truly integrated, your people have a sense of  belonging and understand the impact and contribution they make every day.


Connection starts with Self. Our grounded approach will help unearth deeper levels of self-awareness and presence to equip you with the confidence required to lead yourself and others in a human-centric way.

How we connect to ourselves, how we lead our Self and show up in the world is translated into how we lead and connect with others.

Revel from within... it is through this inner connection that we are better prepared to lead others and optimise performance in work and life.


Change is constant, for both you and your teams. The journey of change starts from within - now is the time you can consciously transform the way you move, lead, and support yourself and others through positive change.

Our programmes are the perfect balance between achieving business goals and motivating people to navigate change deliberately, and mindfully. If your people are able to move through change successfully, it’s likely your business will too.

Revel from within... when change is welcomed and embodied through the right mindset, it offers growth in resilience and strength.

What We Offer

Coaching & Leadership Development

Crafting better leadership to help you lead with greater impact and awareness by activating your inner game and consciously transforming the way you lead. I provide a pragmatic and grounded approach to guide you to embody the leadership qualities you need to lead yourself and others with strength.

Whether you are a people leader wishing to commit to a different way of leading, or simply an individual seeking clarity through a transition, my coaching is transformative and perceptive and will help you ignite positive wellbeing change that ripples throughout your life and business.


Facilitation & Wellbeing Workshops

Crafting better teams by facilitating powerful discussions that drive connection, understanding and wellbeing in your workplace. Workshops are based on the latest evidence-based research to help people through change, cultivate resilience and build wellbeing cultures.

Choose resilience programmes that strengthen the connection between performance and wellbeing. As an approved facilitator for the award-winning programme “The Great Recharge”, I can support you and your team to grow knowledge about wellbeing at work. Built on the principals of neuroscience, strength psychology and coaching, these workshops create exploration, discovery and most importantly, a shared understanding of what happens to us when we face significant or unexpected sources of pressure – and even more importantly, what we can do about it.


Business Partnering – people & strategy | culture & engagement

Crafting better teams by aligning people strategy with business objectives, working alongside business owners and your leaders to shape culture and drive engagement so that your people can experience greater levels of work satisfaction, fully show up and perform at their best.

Being aware of your culture and understanding its positive and hindering impact is the starting point towards a healthy workplace – one that prioritises and supports the physical, mental and emotional health of your people, fostering an environment where people feel valued, safe and empowered to thrive both personally and professionally.

With my expertise, I can help navigate the complexities of leading people in business and ensure wellbeing is prioritised.


Julia Stockman

With 25+ years in the people and culture space, I provide the experience and background to help you and your business navigate the challenges you face when it comes to your people. In fact, I “Revel” in it!  

Revel was born from my desire to craft meaningful change in workplaces, to share knowledge and connect with others to drive creativity, performance, wellbeing and ultimately, the success of your business. I support organisations to create thriving cultures that prioritise their people and promote wellbeing.

I have worked across both private and public sector organisations delivering and facilitating leadership programmes, resilience workshops and culture change projects. My own experience and journey has led me to discover the importance of balancing the body and mind to help navigate the challenges of life.

My blended approach is informed by ongoing research in the field of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and somatic embodiment practices. I hold a Post Grad Dip in HR, I’m an approved facilitator for “The Great Recharge” programme, a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator practitioner, Change Manager Practitioner and an Embodied Flow Inspired Yoga Teacher.

To form meaningful connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves, but to do either, we must first establish a common understanding of the language of emotion and human experience.

Brené Brown